Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison's influences are from the bowels of the underground and his stickwork is far beyond your standard metal group. Constantly adding little flourishes to his playing, the drummer gives Slipknot the edge that pushed them ahead of their contemporaries. Jordison’s executes a large amount of fills that make Slipknot’s music anything but stagnant. As Slipknot fans await a new album, the multitalented drummer is at it again with his brand new band Scar the Martyr.

George Kollias may have the toughest job in all of metal. Nile are known for their lengthy songs, usually dominated by some of the fastest blast beats ever committed to record. Karl Sanders even confessed that former Nile drummers could not keep up with the physical demands of touring with the band after so many years. Kollias has been at it for nine years now with Nile. The band recently performed a tour of double sets, where the Greek drummer showed no signs of tiring. Is he human?

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