Earlier this spring, Nikki Sixx made headlines suggesting that he was not a fan of Motley Crue's self-titled 1994 album and laying some blame on vocalist John Corabi for his feelings about the disc. Corabi took the high road in responding after the comments made the rounds, but he's since discussed Sixx's critical reaction of him and the album in a new interview.

Sixx initially told Sweden Rock Magazine, "I’ve gotta tell you, I think it was a very unfocused record. It was painful for me, because John Corabi can’t write lyrics, and I had to do all that work." He went on to add, “It was the first time I ever had to work with somebody that wanted to participate in the lyrics. And my standard is so high that it was just … It was so hard, it took months … Usually, I write a set of lyrics in an hour. And it’s all about having pent-up information and aggression and just [letting it out]. And it was just hard, because he was … a nice enough guy, but he just didn’t have that fire, and it was hard for me."

In his initial response, Corabi stated that he was extremely proud of the record and had nothing but "mad respect" for Sixx. He concluded, "I really don't give a s--t about any of this nonsense."

However, in a new interview with Sleaze Roxx, the current Dead Daisies vocalist was a little less guarded in his comments. When asked if he thought Sixx really felt that way about the album or if he was just stirring up some controversy, the vocalist responded, "For the life of me, I have no idea. It’s funny, I was hanging out with Vince [Neil]. We did a festival together called Farm Rock and we were talking. I was like, 'Vince, what the f--k is up Nikki’s ass right now? 22 years later, he decides that it’s a ‘very unfocused record’, there’s no choruses and John Corabi couldn’t write and he had to do everything?! Where does that come from Vince?!' He laughed. I think he wanted to say something but he came back with, 'Dude, you know Nikki. Whatever, f--k it!'"

The singer continued, "If my phone didn’t start blowing up with calls and texts regarding that comment, I would have never known it. I am so far removed from that record. Let me be clear. I love that record. I’m very proud of that record. I’m good with Tommy [Lee]. I’m good with Mick [Mars] and I’m good with Vince [Neil]. I have no idea why Nikki feels that I’m the biggest piece of s--t to roam the earth?"

Corabi is indeed good with his former bandmates and has recently worked with Mick Mars on a pair of songs. "I’d love to help Mick in any way possible as long as I can give him 100 percent attention," said Corabi. "Right now, my schedule is so full that I haven’t been able to do that. So those two songs are all I have contributed to the album."

And the vocalist stands behind his love of the 1994 self-titled Motley Crue album, having recently performed the disc from top to bottom during a show in Australia. During that show, Corabi let the cameras and recording roll and there will be a DVD and live album from that gig that the singer says is tentatively expected to arrive via Rat Pak Records in September or October of this year.

Read more of John Corabi's interview with Sleaze Roxx here.

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