Album number 13 is on the way from Canada's melodic death groovers Kataklysm and with a release date now in stone, they've shared the first piece of Meditations with a lyric video for the new single, "Guillotine."

It's a lean track that clocks in just under three minutes and Kataklysm get to work immediately after a spoken word quote opens things up, setting the tone of "Guillotine" stating, "For evil to triumph, it only takes good men to do nothing." A couple rapid fire muted chugs kickstart the song, followed by some jagged rhythm work that gives way to simple yet catchy lick and Kataklysm's balance of might and melody is on full display.

“We’ve never really belonged to one thing, we were never really a follower of one style of music; we were a hybrid. It confused people a little bit, I think… we were an outsider band regarding that... not part of anything," vocalist Maurizio Iacono states about the band's sound.

"This is a very personal album to me with old wounds being revisited – I felt a big urge to pour my soul into this release," the singer continued. "The boys and I were isolated under the same roof during the writing process, just like we did in the early days...with no worries except having fun, being honest and delivering a serious album that represents us today but respects our past," Iacono went on. "Our new story is coming and we are eager to share it with you!"

Meditations is set for a June 1 release through Nuclear Blast and pre-orders for the 13th Kataklysm album can be made at the label's webstore.

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