Kent Abbott, guitarist for the bands Grade and Somehow Hollow, has died at the age of 32. Although no cause of death has been reported, we can confirm that Abbott passed away on Jan. 7.

In the worlds of underground hardcore and modern punk, Abbott was an admired and respected guitarist, playing along with two truly solid bands. Canadian hardcore band Grade lasted for nearly a decade, releasing five full-length albums, three of which were put out by Victory Records. Abbott joined the band toward the end of their run, before the group split up in 2002.

Grade posted a set of tweets paying tribute to their fone-time guitarist:

Kent Abbott also founded the band Somehow Hollow in 2000, creating Canada's answer to up-tempo SoCal pop-punk. The band only released one full-length album, 'Busted Wings and Rusted Halos,' in 2003, capturing a definitive early '00s pop-punk sound.

"Kent had a passion for music and had played at venues around the world," reads an obituary for Abbott. "He acquired a super sense of humour, was always attracted to people and would make them laugh."

In memory of Kent Abbott and his dedication to music, check out his work with both Grade and Somehow Hollow in the videos below.

Grade, 'Triumph and Tragedy'

Somehow Hollow, 'Kamloops'