Slayer have played their final note, but in the lead up to the finale it was revealed that guitarist Kerry King had inked a new deal with Dean Guitars to launch a new signature edition guitar. While speaking with Guitar World about the instrument, King teased that Slayer's retirement didn't exactly mean that he was finished making music.

"Let’s just say… Dean didn’t sign me for nothing," stated King at the end of the interview. Though the guitarist has yet to reveal what his post-Slayer project(s) will be, he has pondered in previous interviews the idea of playing after Slayer hung it up.

"If someone quit, I'm not going to go around with a made-up Slayer," he told back in 2010. "But my next band would sound like Slayer, that's all I know."

Though some have questioned whether last fall's finale truly was the end for Slayer, King's wife Ayesha insisted in Instagram posts there was "not a chance in hell" the band would return after the final notes rang out at the band's Forum finale in Los Angeles. She also weighed in when Slayer's farewell tour was announced, explaining, "[Kerry] says not to worry, you'll always get music from him."

We even pondered six things that King could do after Slayer retires in a 2018 feature.

In addition to Slayer, King has made a number of guest appearances for other artists over the years. He famously appeared on the Beastie Boys' "No Sleep Til' Brooklyn" song, lending some metal flare to the Licensed to Ill favorite. King also laid down a solo and outro part for Pantera's "Goddamn Electric." Other credits include work done for Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Sum 41 and Soulfly.

So there are plenty of options for King, who appears to be thinking about his next musical step.

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