For the better part of two decades, Slayer found themselves comfortably signed to producer Rick Rubin's record label, American Recordings. However, it was recently announced that Slayer's 11th album, Repentless, would be released via Nuclear Blast. The label switch was somewhat surprising, but in a new interview, Slayer guitarist Kerry King reveals the move was triggered by an insulting offer from American Recordings.

Rick Rubin's historic partnership with Slayer began during the Reign in Blood recording sessions, of which Rubin manned the production helm. The classic 1986 album, along with 15 additional releases of all sorts, all were taken care of under the American Recordings umbrella.

While speaking with the Metal Hammer Magazine Show, Kerry King delved deep into Slayer's parting with American Recordings. "Solidarity is far stronger than jumping ship and going somewhere else," says King. "I thought we'd still be on American — but when we got the offer from American, I was insulted. That, to me, just said, 'Good luck, you're not gonna have good luck here anymore.' So we found our new friends at Nuclear Blast."

Slayer frontman Tom Araya adds, "It was more like he broke the news to us. When we started this record, it was on the pretext that we'd be working with Rick — but things didn't pan out. We've sort of moved on."

Slayer's Repentless will be released on Sept. 11. The thrash titans have already released tow songs off the album -- "Implode" and "When the Stillness Comes" -- so be sure to check them out!

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