While others have been using rock and metal music to deter threatening animals and shuffle bison off roads, KISS are using their sonic thunder to play a show for... great white sharks. Don't worry, you can get a seat and catch the action too at the multi-species event.

We're with you — we were confused as hell when we first saw this too, but after a simple explanation, it all makes perfect sense. The low frequency sounds of rock music can actually lure great white sharks from miles away, as laid out in a promotional video clip (seen below) where submerged speakers crank "Rock and Roll All Nite."

Paul Stanley, who consistently encourages fans to behave like "wild animals" during his notorious stage banter must certainly be delighted to be performing for actual wild animals.

The Nov. 18 concert launching from Port Lincoln at 6:30AM off the southern coast of Australia will take fans on a cruise where they can soak in the sights from the surrounding wildlife, later getting a look at encroaching great whites through the boat's glass-bottom floor while KISS play onboard.

Tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime, first-ever spectacle are going for $68 a person. Get them here.

Presumably, Gene Simmons will be back to his usual form following his surgery to remove a kidney stone. The procedure forced the band to cancel one of their tour dates as the Demon assured fans it was "nothing serious," but did require immediate attention.

Congrats to the sharks, who found a way to circumvent giving KISS money for a concert, another first-ever accomplishment.

Trailer for KISS' Concert for Great White Sharks

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