With over a decade of music under their belt, female metal group Kittie have released their brand new video for the single ‘We Are the Lamb’ off of their recent album ‘I’ve Failed You.’

The video starts off with frontwoman Morgan Lander in a lovely red dress as she appears to be making some sort of poisonous brain soup. Unfortunately for Lander, the women whose brains were apparently used in the stew come back to life for vengeance. The ruthless zombie women happen to be fellow bandmates.

Mixed with a comedic-horror tone, the footage is shot in a blurry documentary style which also shows snippets of the girls rocking out. Although grotesque, Morgan Lander plays an appealing villain at the beginning who quickly becomes the victim in the end of the video.

Ultimately, the video for ‘We are the Lamb’ teaches the life lesson that there will be tough consequences for eating your bandmates' brains.

‘I’ve Failed You’ is the band’s sixth studio album. Check out our review of Kittie's recent album-release gig in New York City.

Watch the Kittie 'We Are the Lamb' Video