Korn's music has inspired many over the years, and the band members saw firsthand how it has affected artist Sussi Johansson. In the latest Korn fan video testimonial premiering on Loudwire, Johansson speaks about the band, shares her portraits of the group and even gets a bass lesson from Fieldy.

"I've been a Korn fan for four or five years. I really love Jonathan's voice and I really feel good when he sings," says Johannson. "I listen to Korn every day. As many Korn fans, I have had things in my background that I can relate to in the lyrics -- the feeling of loneliness that Jonathan expresses in many of the songs, I was pretty lonely as a kid and pretty lonely now. But now when I'm lonely, I paint and I listen to Korn and it makes me feel good."

Johansson was not only inspired to paint by the group, but she also purchased a bass and was just starting to learn to play when the opportunity came up to purchase a bass lesson from Fieldy. During her time, she was able to share her portraits of the band members and has let her love of Korn and her artistic side stretch into the creation of a t-shirt and using her portraits to tattoo herself.

Drummer Ray Luzier says, "We get fan stuff all the time, you know, but when something sticks out, this definitely sticks out. Look at the detail on this. Sussi in Sweden made this great, great watercolor for me, and she did the rest of the band and it's cool. We see our names tattooed and our faces on people, and this is really amazing. This is going in my studio in my new house."

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