One year ago, Korn bassist Fieldy said he was wrapping up his solo record, Bassically, which he promised would be a blend of rock, funk and fusion. Now the time has come and the album has officially been announced with pre-orders live via a PledgeMusic campaign.

The album will feature 17 tracks (listing below) spanning a variety of styles and is due for release on Nov. 17. "This is a bass album that encompasses the last nine years of my life on the road recording with a variety of special and unique basses. This project features recordings of mine from dressing rooms, tour buses, hotel rooms and other unique locations playing on basses just as obscure as the locations. It’s a blend of funk, fusion, and rock – I can’t wait to share it with you," says Fieldy.

As with all PledgeMusic campaigns, fans have the option to score some unique album packages and additional items based on tiered pricing. The most expensive option, coming in at $1,200, will get you a Fieldy signature Ibanez K5 bass.

While the album won't be out for another month, you can check out samples of "Bucket of Funk," "Bass O Rama" and "Zibba Zibop" to get a taste of what's in store. Bassically was produced by Fieldy's writing partner, Anthony "Q" Quiles" and mixed by Chris Collier. The record also features some familiar guests as Fieldy roped in his Korn bandmates. Drummer Ray Luzier plays drums, bongos, shaker, tambourine and djembe on "Bass O Rama," "Step Right Up," "Basque K Cinco," "Zibba Zibop" and "Mr. Bassmen." Meanwhile, Brian "Head" Welch plays on "I Wuv Bass Mon" and Jonathan Davis does some beatboxing on "JD Fresh."

Fieldy, Bassically Track Listing:

01. Bass O Rama
02. Charlie Brown
03. Step Right Up
04. Buck of Funk
05. Basque K Cinco
06. 15 String Exodus
07. JD Fresh
08. Zibba Zibop
09. Check This Out
10. Bass Invaders
11. I Wuv Bass Mon
12. 5 String Graffiti
13. Dance Your Bass Off
14. Give Me 5
15. You Can Do It
16. Mr. Bassmen
17. Bass Age

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