Korn fans are soon to experience a special treat once the band's self-titled album reaches its 20th anniversary. In a new interview with Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis, the rocker revealed that Korn are planning to perform the self-titled 'Korn' album live in its entirety.

The phenomenally successful 'Korn' album was released on Oct. 11, 1994. Led by the single 'Blind,' Korn's debut would go on to sell over 10 million copies worldwide and is perhaps the most important nu-metal release of all time.

While speaking with Philadelphia's 93.3 WMMR, Davis revealed the band's 20th anniversary plans. "Personally, I don't know how I'm gonna celebrate, but as a release, I know we're gonna start doing, on festivals, we're gonna play the first album in its entirety," Davis revealed. "We're gonna start doing that. We're even gonna play 'Daddy,' and I said I would never do it, but I'm gonna do it anyway, so we're gonna do the complete album in its entirety and then tag on some songs at the end of the show, so it should be pretty cool. It's gonna be very stripped down. I think we should recapture what we were doing at that time, when we were coming up. With our first album, we didn't have any production, it was just one backdrop, so I think it'll be kind of like that down-and-dirty, cool, old-school vibe."

Korn fans have been seething to hear 'Daddy,' which is the 'Korn' album's final track, performed live for two decades now. Since Davis wrote the song about his real-life experience of being molested as a child and his parents not believing him, 'Daddy' just felt too personal and overwhelming to perform live.

Davis added that fans can expect Korn to play their full self-titled record in concert starting this year. "Once the 20th anniversary hits, we'll start doing it," Davis declared.

In the same interview, Jonathan Davis also addressed the "nu-metal" label tagged to Korn. "I've always rejected the fact [of] us getting pigeonholed into some kind of genre that we helped create. It seems like when a band comes out and we do something new and something different, that's all great. When a whole bunch of bands jump on the bandwagon and start copying what that one band did, then it gets called something and those bands are cheap knockoffs of what the original thing was. So, to me, that's why I never liked the 'nu metal' term."

He added, "You don't call the Red Hot Chili Peppers a funk band. You don't call Metallica just a thrash band. These are bands that have been around over 20 years that have paid their dues and have made amazing music that lots of people have ripped off and they get pigeonholed into these little genres. But, to me, that's why I always haven't liked it, but that's my personal opinion. That's the way I look at it, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, I guess." Listen to audio of Jonathan Davis' interview at Blabbermouth.

Korn will soon embark on a massive North American tour with Slipknot and King 810. Though the tour dates will take place after 'Korn' reaches its 20th anniversary, it's unsure if the band will perform the full record since Jonathan Davis specified festivals instead of concerts. Stay tuned as the story continues to develop!

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