Former Korn drummer Dave Silveria has been making headlines throughout the last few weeks with some comments he made regarding current Korn drummer Ray Luzier in addition to saying that he’d be open to returning to the band, should that opportunity ever come his way.

Among his commentary, Silveria compared his style of playing to Luzier’s referring to Luzier as a heavy metal drummer and his playing as a more funk-infused style, lending itself to a more unique sound.

It’s only natural that all of this chatter would leave fans wondering if Korn would ever welcome Silveria back into the mix. However, in a new interview, frontman Jonathan Davis slams the door on that idea.

When asked by Metal Hammer if there was any chance of Silveria returning to the band, Davis shot the idea down pretty quickly. “No. I don’t wanna say any negative stuff, but where we’re at right now is perfect and Ray is an amazing drummer,” Davis said. “He fits in good and doesn’t have any typical drummer’s complexes.”

Korn’s new disc ‘The Paradigm Shift’ is due out Oct. 8 and the band recently announced the Family Values Festival set for Oct. 5.

Silveria’s latest creative efforts include a project called INFINIKA. INFINIKA recently shared some new songs, check them out here.

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