Rock and metal bands have a long history of supporting our nation's troops and a new video posted on the Monster Energy website shows that appreciation in action with a special visit from Korn.

The clip shows frontman Jonathan Davis touring the Ramstein Air Base in Germany and visiting with injured servicemen in the hospital while the band was touring in Europe.

The video kicks off with Davis touring the base, checking out new gear and getting educated on protecting the troops from chemical or biological attacks. He gets to try on the latest technology in gas masks on the tour and sit in some of the military vehicles on the base. Before leaving, he autographs what looks like a missile but that’s just a civilian guess.

Davis then heads over to the hospital where injured members of the stationed troops are being treated and recovering to visit with them and spread a little Korn cheer.

Installation emergency manager Josie Borisow talks on the video about how important music is to the troops while they’re on base. “To most of us military members music has been a very integral and some of our methods of dealing with the stress that we deal with on a constant basis,” she explains. “Iraq, Afghanistan, many of the other places that we have soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines stationed at – it’s not uncommon that while they’re doing what they do they’re blasting music.”

As Davis makes his way from room to room he stops in to visit a wounded vet and huge Korn fan named Richard who told Jonathan that he had been listening to Korn since he was 12 years old. Another vet reminisces about driving around Las Vegas in a Camaro waiting for ‘Got The Life’ to come on the radio. Davis, visibly moved, thanks each vet emphatically for what they do day in and day out for our country.

The video concludes with a humbled Davis simply saying, “I will never forget this.”