There's new material coming from former Flyleaf singer, Lacey Sturm, but it's not a follow-up to her 2016 solo debut album, Life Screams. Instead, it's her next book installment as she's set to release The Return: Reflections of Loving God Back, which is expected to be released on May 22 through Baker Books.

This latest effort from the singer-turned-scribe will be her third book, keeping up with her streak of releasing a new book every other year since entering the field in 2014. "When I first started writing books, somebody asked me, 'What would you say if you only had one thing to say to the world?' And the first thing I wanted to say I spoke about in my first book, [2014's] The Reason, and it was about my encounter with God and finding life worth living," says Sturm in a video (seen below) about why she wrote this new book.

"And the second thing I wanted to say was about romance and all of the poor choices I made and how I ended up coming into such a redemptive love story, and I wrote about that in [2016's] The Mystery, my second book. And then the third thing I wanted to say I write about in The Return, and it just talks about bringing your heart back to God and your life to God in response to his love for us, and what that looks like when you follow your dreams, when you steward your inspiration and make the most with what's right in front of you," she adds. "It's about answering your calling, it's about pursuing your purpose and just loving him back with each day that we're given. He's given us so much, and what are we gonna give him in return?," Sturm rhetorically asks. "So that's why I wrote The Return, and that's kind of what it's about."

Pre-orders for The Return: Reflections on Loving God Back can be placed here.

Lacey Sturm, The Return: Reflections on Loving God Back Cover

Baker Books
Baker Books

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