Lacey Sturm is digging deeper into her Life Screams solo album, unleashing a new video for the song "The Soldier" just as she's about to start another tour. The trek gets underway this evening (March 1) in Columbus, Ohio, with the vocalist sharing stages with RED and Righteous Vendetta.

Given that the live show is the focus of her immediate plans, it's fitting that the video for "The Soldier" focuses on her concert performances and footage shot since the release of her 2016 album. The clip gives viewers a chance to see the passion with which she hits the stage on a regular basis, provides a spotlight for her fellow bandmates and gives you a glimpse behind the scenes at shows as well. Watch the video for the powerful track above.

Sturm also recently taped a video for the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. The iconic evangelist passed away on Feb. 21 at the age of 99, and Sturm and her husband visited the Billy Graham Library to pay their respects. In the video below, Sturm gets emotional while speaking about Graham, stating, "The thing that first hit me is the voice is gone. And now that he's gone, it's you guys. We're still here. What’s beautiful about the ministry of Billy Graham is it’s absolutely laser-focused on the Cross and it's beautiful ... that he gets to go see his savior because his whole life was always speaking about the Cross, speaking about his Lord."

She would later add, when speaking a bit about her song "Mercy Tree," "This is the most important thing that we can say -- that there is salvation for your soul and that you can be with God, your creator, forever." Watch Sturm's tribute below.

As stated earlier, Sturm is about to return to touring. Her current dates with Red and Righteous Vendetta can be found here.

Lacey Sturm Speaks About the Late Billy Graham

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