What do you think it means to have a black soul? Lacuna Coil's brand new album Black Anima is out today. In honor of the release, we sat down with Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia to see who they think has a black soul.

"We were sure that we wanted to have the word 'black' in the title, because it really represents the record, because it's going to be a lot darker and intense compared to our previous records," Scabbia explains of their ninth studio album's name. "'Anima' [means] soul in Italian, and we thought the combination was stunning, then we created the whole idea behind the record from the title."

As for what it means to have a "black soul," Scabbia says it's not necessarily about being a negative or evil person. "It's just the realization that we all have a darker part in our soul, in ourselves. And we don't necessarily need to hide it."

"Nowadays, especially with social media, everybody tries to look pretty and positive and 'life is amazing,' and this is actually a problem for whoever's watching," the vocalist continues. "Because they think that life is only made by positive things and positive events. And the truth is that sometimes, you touch the bottom, sometimes you feel the struggle and sometimes you don't know how to go on in life."

Scabbia and Ferro take a look at several celebrities, musicians and even animals to determine whether they think those individuals have a black soul or not. Watch in the video above.

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