Along with the release of their first single ‘Trip the Darkness’ and the tune ‘Kill the Light,’ Italian metal maestros Lacuna Coil have also released the first of six teaser trailers for their upcoming album ‘Dark Adrenaline,’ due out Jan. 24.

The captivating teaser clip features frontwoman Cristina Scabbia looking beautifully disheveled while hooked up to an I.V. drip in an eerie room. Her veins are being pumped with a substance in a vial labeled 'Lacuna Coil Dark Adrenaline.' How's that for blink-and-you'll-miss-it-product placement? With her smudgy, sooty black eye makeup and inky nail polish set against a white hospital gown, Scabbia cuts a dark, yet vulnerable figure.

The video is backed by new Lacuna Coil music. As if fans weren’t teased enough, this clip will surely make them crave a further dose of ‘Dark Adrenaline.' The dark teaser video was directed by Sitcom Soldiers, who also directed the band’s 'Trip the Darkness’ video.

In an interview with Revolver Magazine, Scabbia talked about the new record, stating "I really feel that it is really, really a good album with good songs. I think that it totally captures the essence of Lacuna Coil because it's definitely a mixture of our roots and something completely new. We never repeated ourself with any album, but this one, it's a perfect balance between the old stuff and the new. And the new stuff, it's more obscure than the usual.”

She goes on to say that the album is "definitely heavier — the sound is way heavier than we did before. A lot of people will be surprised. I think so. . . I believe that, you know, it's something that they don't really expect from us. They probably expect us to go, I don't know, more melodic and mellow and actually this is not the direction we are taking. [Laughs] We're kind of getting heavier while everybody else is getting mellower. [Laughs]"

Check out the Lacuna Coil’s Teaser Video for ‘Dark Adrenaline’