Just one day after announcing they'd be releasing The Duke EP in remembrance of a deceased friend, Lamb of God have released the title track. Get ready for some surprises because this atypical song takes on a somber mood and a hard rock edge that sees Randy Blythe deliver soothing clean vocals.

Aquatic-like clean guitar tones open up "The Duke" (which premiered at Rolling Stone) with a quick transition reigning in the more familiar elements that fans have come to expect from the metal icons. The beatdown rhythm ends with a slide, moving into a slightly subdued guitar lick, but all the attention is placed on Blythe's crisp, clean sung delivery.

Picking up some power during the chorus, the song hits on anthemic hard rock elements that immediately leave their imprint as one of the catchiest moments in Lamb of God's discography. The frontman dials up his banshee shriek before the solo, belting out "I will never die!"

Speaking about the track, Blythe said, "A little while ago I became friends with a fan named Wayne Ford -- he was terminal -- leukemia. I talked with him often, even video chatted him into the studio. He was very calm about his impending death, and we discussed it very openly. I learned a lot from him. This song is for him."

The Duke EP will be issued on Nov. 18 on Epic Records with the vinyl edition out the following week and can be pre-ordered here. The focus of this release is to raise awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and BeTheMatch. Additionally, Lamb of God will be raising funds LLS, offering up Blythe's personal gold record plaque for Ashes of the Wake, signature model guitars, handwritten lyrics, signed copies of The Duke on CD and vinyl, signed copies of Blythe's book and more through Propellar starting on Friday (Oct. 21).

"The Duke" accompanies "The Culling" as one of the two original tracks on the EP as well as three more live additions. Check out the track listing below.

The Duke EP Track Listing

01. "The Duke"
02. "The Culling"
03. "Still Echoes" (Live from Rock am Ring)
04. "512" (Live from Bonnaroo)
05. "Engage the Fear Machine" (Live from Bonnaroo)

The Duke EP Artwork

Epic Records
Epic Records

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