Among all of the battles currently being fought in the U.S., the Dakota Access Pipeline project and its subsequent protest has gained a considerable amount of attention. Protestors are aiming to halt the project, fearing it will contaminate the local water source. Last week, Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe peacefully joined the protestors at the Standing Rock Native American reservation and the singer has now reported back from his journey.

Blythe's Instagram page has long served as an outlet for the frontman to share his photography, typically accompanied by long and thoughtful captions. Briefly chronicling his trip (seen below), Blythe posted an image of boots on a wooden plank with a partially tucked in bandana draped over the left boot, bearing the hashtag #NODAPL (No Dakota Access Pipeline).

Revealing further details are pending with a "large media outlet," Blythe offered a glimpse into what he saw, first thanking those who wished him safe travels on his trip as well as the "many people of all different colors I met who greeted me with open arms," calling it a "honor to stand with you there as one."

"If you are planning on going to Standing Rock to raise hell, fight cops and cause chaos, PLEASE DO NOT GO. Stay at home and do that in your own community if you must, so that you can see the repercussions of your actions at home and around your own people. The community in North Dakota, both native and non-native, both pro and anti-pipeline, do not need that," Blythe urged.

Continuing, he added, "I heard nothing but constant instructions to stay non-violent and to remain in prayer while I was amongst the people, both on the frontline & back in the Oceti Sakowin camp. I did not see violence nor did I get wind of violent acts being planned. That is not what it is about, and it will merely cause more pain and confusion in an already very, very tense situation, so don't go if you have hate in your heart." The singer also cautioned going as a "leisurely camping holiday," commenting on the harsh weather in North Dakota, "If you aren't ready for that, you can die."

On the musical front, Lamb of God recently released The Duke EP in memory of a fallen friend. The title track is a departure from the band's expected sound, featuring Blythe taking on a surprising clean-sung role.

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