Lamb of God put on an energetic show, and even with Randy Blythe's recent arrest in the Czech Republic on manslaughter charges stemming from an alleged 2010 concert incident, the singer doesn't feel that it will change his onstage behavior.


The vocalist told Revolver, "What else am I going to do? We don't have a big production set up or anything. We don't have purple dragons that fly out of the sky and breathe fire. We're just a bunch of dudes who get up there and rock and roll."

The singer goes on to add, "This incident just occurred, it was an unfortunate occurrence. A tragedy. And there's a lot of details that need to be clarified that came out of this, and hopefully they will in court. But it's not going to changed the way we do things, because I didn't do anything wrong. So why should I change what I'm doing? They're saying I committed a crime of intent, like I went out and hurt someone. That's total bulls---. Why would I try and hurt fans of my band? That's ridiculous. So no [I'm not changing]."

Blythe says that if anything were to change from this incident, he would hope that it was more far-reaching than just his band. He explained, "I would hope it would raise awareness for the need for adequate security, not just for the band but for the audience as well. Most of the time, none of this stuff is an issue because security is entirely adequate. Security knows how to keep the kids from getting hurt while letting them have a good time. To the outside world, to people who aren't in our scene, it all looks like a great big violent mess. They don't know that everybody's just having a good time. There is a very big need for security, though, to ensure - especially if kids are going to be crowdsurfing and coming over the barricade and stuff - there's got to be guys there to catch them."

Lamb of God will return to the stage this weekend, performing at Slipknot's inaugural Knotfest. They'll headline the second stage at both the Iowa and Wisconsin shows.