Great news! It seems like Lamb of God are writing a new album! The pure American metal band teased that "something is happening" on Twitter, while an outside (but very reliable) source claims that LoG are back in the studio.

Back in September, Lamb of God's Randy Blythe predicted a 2015 release for the band's eighth studio album. However, Blythe reminded fans that there is no guarantee in a later Instagram post.

Rumblings of a new LoG full-length have continued, beginning with a mysterious tweet sent out on Nov. 17 by the band:

However, it was Mesa Engineering that let some further details slip via Instagram. The legendary amp company shared a photo sent to them by guitarist Willie Adler, claiming the pic stemmed from new Lamb of God writing sessions:

Lamb of God is in the midst of writing material for their new album! Willie Adler sent us this shot of his rig - Royal Atlantic RA-100, Boogie 5-band EQ, and Gridslammer pedal! Looking forward to it new music from LOG!!

Will we be gifted with an official announcement from Lamb of God soon? Stay tuned to Loudwire for all your Lamb of God updates.

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