Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta recently welcomed Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe onto 'The Jasta Show.' Jasta's podcast hit its 19th episode today, (Sept. 18) and the host spoke with Blythe in-depth about his upcoming book, memories of late GWAR mastermind Dave Brockie, Blythe's controversial Czech manslaughter case and much more.

Randy Blythe has become one of metal's most beloved figures; far from where he was when gripped by alcohol abuse. Luckily, Blythe is currently sober and a free man, but it didn't come without struggle. “I was writing about drinking in my book, I address it quite a bit," Blythe tells Jasta. "It stopped working the last night I got drunk. It worked when I got to a place where everything that bothered me was shutdown. I drink because I didn’t like many things about myself and many things about the world. I didn’t want to cope with that.”

Randy was also asked if he learned any life lessons from his imprisonment and trial in the Czech Republic. “No, there was no f---ing lesson; just tragedy," Blythe explained. "A dead f---ing kid. Though I caught a bullet. It was bound to happen to someone. The barricade at that show was non-existent. The security is non-existent. If I were to do it again I would have stopped the show.”

As for Randy Blythe's upcoming 'Dark Days' memoir, “Basically it starts the second I am arrested and it will finish at the end of the trial," Blythe detailed. "It will tell day-by-day exactly what prison was like. Though the events at that story is just the framework that carries the book along and lets me talk about whatever I want to talk about it because I go back and forth in time a lot.”

Finally, Blythe drops some amazing news about Lamb of God's next album, "I have been writing my book for a while but the majority of my book has been written since January. It will be released early part of next year along with the new Lamb of God record … I started writing lyrics for the next record in prison.”

There you have it! Randy Blythe is officially looking to release Lamb of God's eighth studio album in early 2015. According to Amazon, Blythe's 'Dark Days' book is scheduled for a Feb. 3 release. Will Lamb of God unleash a new album in early February? Only time will tell.

Update (Sept. 19): Randy Blythe has informed fans via Instagram that the new Lamb of God album is not guaranteed to come out in early 2015:

Despite what all the metal blogs are blaring " RANDY SAYS NEW LAMB OF GOD ALBUM EARLY 2015!!!!"- take that with a grain if salt, ok, because they also ignore the fact that during the interview I also say "The new album isn't written yet" - It will come out when it comes out, after it's done & we are happy with it. When that will be, we shall see- we kinda gotta write the thing first, ya know? I don't have a crystal ball, & I got no other answers than it will come out when it's done.

To pre-order Randy Blythe's 'Dark Days' memoir, click here. Also, be sure to check out Blythe's photography exhibition at New York's Sacred Arts Gallery from May-June 2015.

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