All members of the deathcore outfit The Last Ten Seconds of Life have reportedly quit the band except for founding guitarist Wyatt McLaughlin, who has yet to comment on the situation, according to Lambgoat.

Vocalist John Robert C (John Centorrino), bassist Mike Menocker and drummer Steven Sanchez are no longer part of the group, as Metal Injection and ThePRP repeated on Tuesday (March 1), leaving the Pennsylvania-based band's fate unclear.

Last month, The Last Ten Seconds of Life completed a U.S. tour supporting Cattle Decapitation, and they currently have a European tour on the books for January 2023. They just recently released their sixth album, the self-titled The Last Ten Seconds of Life.

An explanation for Centorrino's exit ascribed to the vocalist said, "After years of debate, I've voluntarily stepped down from The Last Ten Seconds of Life. I will not be making a detailed statement."

Menocker, who had already excused himself of touring duties, added in an attributed separate statement, "With details aside, it's with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation of bass duties in my current band. The Last Ten Seconds of Life was the ride of a lifetime."

The Last Ten Seconds of Life were formed in Mansfield, Pa., in 2010 with an initial lineup featuring McLaughlin, vocalist Storm Strope, guitarist Casey Quick, bassist Tomas Giamanco and drummer Christian Fisher. Quick left in 2013, leaving McLaughlin the sole guitarist. Centorrino replaced Strope in 2015. Bassist Anthony Madara also performed in the band at one time.

The Last Ten Seconds of Life released Know Your Exits (2011), Invivo[Exvivo] (2013), Soulless Hymns (2015), The Violent Sound (2016) and Machina Non Grata (2019) before issuing their newest album this year.

John Robert C Statement - Feb. 28, 2022

Mike Menocker Statement - Feb. 28, 2022

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