Is supergroup an overused term? Probably, but it's definitely applicable in the case of Legend of the Seagullmen, the nautical rock group most notably featuring Tool's Danny Carey and Mastodon's Brent Hinds. Their self-titled debut is less than a month away and the band has shared their second single, "The Fogger."

The rhythm-centric song conveys the seafaring lyrical themes through bobbing, lapping wave-like riffs and the rolling drums of Danny Carey that keep Legend of the Seagullmen's ship steadily swaying from side to side on the open waters. David "The Doctor" Dreyer, the band's chief visionary, takes the wheel with an adventurous delivery that rests between the chopping guitar playing while should-be-cheesy but perfectly timed synths add to the band's over-the-top sound.

"'The Fogger' is a mystical aquatic tale about The Seagullmen's very own drummer, Danny Carey," guitarist Jimmy Hayward told Revolver, who premiered the song. "He stalks the ocean in search of users, abusers and polluters and deals lethal justice with his third eye while ripping the faces from skulls, just like he does during the punishing and beautifully complex drum solo in the middle of the song. The solo explodes into a furious conclusion, leaving no doubt about the karmic justice and pure ferocious power of 'The Fogger'!"

Legend of the Seagullmen is out Feb. 9 through Dine Alone Records and pre-orders for the album are available here. To check out the group's first single, "Shipswreck," head here.

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