Sad news to report for the fans and surviving members of the legendary Ramones. Beloved Ramones artist and light director Arturo Vega has died at 65.

There has always been discussion over who the "fifth" member of the Beatles was, but if one was to ask if there was a fifth Ramone, any hardcore fan would name Artugo Vega.

The artist is most famous for creating the iconic Ramones 'Presidential Seal' logo, which would follow the Ramones throughout the band's career. Arturo Vega also invited various Ramones members to crash at his New York City loft, where he would make giant banners for the punk rockers during the band's early years. Vega even had a massive tattoo of the Ramones logo on his back, which featured the name 'Arty' along with Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee.

Arturo Vega was also the biggest Ramones fan on the planet, claiming to have attended a total of 2,263 gigs, all but two of every show the Ramones played.

The sad news of Vega's passing was announced in two posts by punk historian Legs McNeil:

RIP: ARTURO VEGA: 1948-2013 Sleep gently my dear friend, you were the must optimistic, jubilant and fun pal anyone could wish for. I don't know what the world will be like without, nor do I want to even imagine it... But I know you will find eternal happiness wherever you end up....I love you Arturo.

One of the best friends anyone could ever hope for. I knew and hung out with Arturo since 1976-- 37 f---ing years, if my math is correct-- and if it weren't for Arturo-- Joey and I would've starved to death in those early years. Artie was so f---ing fun-- he made every thing into an adventure. The world just became a much colder and lonelier place-- as if it wasn't getting that way already. F---, I miss him so much already.

We'd like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Arturo Vega, a true underground punk rock legend. Rest in Peace.

Ramones Logo Designed by Arturo Vega
Ramones Logo Designed by Arturo Vega

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