Light the Torch are new in name only, having changed their moniker from Devil You Know during the summer last year. The band notably features former Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones and they're set to drop Revival later this year and have shared the album's first single, "Die Alone," which you can check out below.

This album also marks the first time drummer Mike Sciulara (Extinction A.D.) has played alongside Jones, guitarist Francesco Artusato and bassist Ryan Wombacher. His presence is established with tightly executed fills and thunderous, forceful moments that accent the sweeping chord progressions of "Die Alone." Meanwhile, Jones maintains the balance between the beauty of his soothing, soaring croon cut with well-timed angsty screams.

Previously, the group had released two records under Devil You Know before legal issues forced them to settle for a new name. They released a statement explaining the change, but assured fans that Light the Torch would still be performing songs from Devil You Know's catalog on the road.

Revival is due March 30 through Nuclear Blast and pre-orders can be placed at Amazon or digitally through iTunes. Take a look below to see the album art and complete track listing.

Light the Torch, "Die Alone"

Light the Torch, Revival Artwork + Track Listing

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast

01. “Die Alone”
02. “The God I Deserve”
03. “Calm Before the Storm”
04. “Raise the Dead”
05. “The Safety of Disbelief”
06. “Virus”
07. “The Great Divide”
08. “The Bitter End”
09. “Lost in the Fire”
10. “The Sound of Violence”
11. “Pull My Heart Out”
12. “Judas Convention”

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