There's a storm brewing and Linkin Park are responsible. The band has just unleashed their new lyric video for 'Guilty All the Same,' using some ominous clouds and dark skies as the backdrop.

The cloud formations drift around the lyric video, with occasional flashes of light. But these are not the white and fluffy clouds you may daydream about. Rather, the gray and continually darkening skies portend something a little more threatening, mirroring the darker vibe of the song.

Meanwhile, the lyrics scrawl onto the screen, occasionally shaking to signify the inflection in Chester Bennington's voice. And listeners can also see the lyrical brilliance of special guest Rakim's rap play out on screen as well.

Linkin Park have been working on their next album and 'Guilty All the Same' is expected to appear on the as-yet-untitled release. Mike Shinoda recently stated, "The reason we went with this single first is that we think it’s a good look into the DNA of the record that we’re putting out this summer."

The band is also hitting the road this summer, co-headlining shows with Thirty Seconds to Mars and welcoming AFI on the bill, as well. Dates for the trek can be seen by clicking below.