As Linkin Park near the release of their One More Light album, the band have been popping up more frequently and two recent appearances warrant attention. First, in the video above, you can see a bit of the band's performance at New York's Grand Central Terminal playing an impromptu performance for ABC's Good Morning America, while in the video below, Mike Shinoda gets at look at the recent FBE video that showed Linkin Park's music to teens and got their reaction.

In the Good Morning America video, the cameras take viewers into a little bit of the set up as the band delivered a scaled back set amidst the hustle and bustle of New York's Grand Central Terminal. An official video report shown above catches some of the fans taking notice of the set-up and getting excited over the fact that they stumbled upon to the show. Eventually, the group perform songs such as the current hit single "Heavy," along with scaled back versions of "What I've Done" and "In the End" with a healthy sing-along from the crowd. Further footage from the performance is expected to turn up on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Meanwhile, in the video below, Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda appears to be taking the teen reactions to his band's music in stride and having a good time with it. "I love that the first three people are convinced that they don't know who it is," says Shinoda.

The co-vocalist also gets a few laughs looking back at the videos the kids are watching, with Shinoda taking a shot at the band's look in the "One Step Closer" video. "Chester's hair in this video is so insane. My hair is way worse," he laughs.

The video also hits hard on the evolution of the band over time, with some of the teens calling them out over the change in sound and others supporting them. When one girl calls the band out for trend-hopping with their new music, Shinoda responds, "The do what's trendy line is so funny because we make ... our albums take like 12 to 18 months to make. Either we've come up before the trend and we anticipated it or we made something that was cool 18 months ago." He also applauds one of the teens who calls out those who want Linkin Park to stay in a box of a certain sound, and applauds when the kid comments, "That's not how music works." Watch the FBE video below.

Linkin Park's One More Light album arrives in stores tomorrow (May 19).

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