After her 2012 album 'Living Like a Runaway' was very well received, Lita Ford returns with the concert album 'The Bitch is Back...Live,' due to be released Oct. 22 in North America.

The album was recorded in October 2012 at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, Calif. It includes her biggest hits like 'Kiss Me Deadly, 'Hungry' and 'Close My Eyes Forever' along with songs from 'Living Like a Runaway,' which Ford considers to be her true comeback album.

The title of the album comes from the Elton John song 'The Bitch Is Back,' which kicks off the record. It was also a bonus track on 'Living Like a Runaway.'

Ford talked about why she chose to record that song. "It’s a statement," she said. "It’s an attitude. I thought we could try the song and see if it works. If it came across cheesy, we were going to can it. But Gary (Hoey, the album's producer) laid down this guitar track, and it was rocking. I walked into the room and went 'Whoa! That’s killer.'"

In addition to Ford's vocals and guitar, the rest of her band on the album includes guitarist Mitch Perry, bassist Marty O'Brien and drummer Scott Coogan. Bobby Rock is Ford's current live drummer.

Lita Ford - 'The Bitch is Back...Live' Track Listing

1. 'The Bitch Is Back'
2. 'Hungry'
3. 'Relentless'
4. 'Living Like a Runaway'
5. 'Devil in My Head'
6. 'Back to the Cave'
7. 'Can't Catch Me'
8. 'Out For Blood'
9. 'Dancing On The Edge'
10. 'Hate'
11. 'Close My Eyes Forever'
12. 'Kiss Me Deadly'