The new era of Live is officially under way with the band's brand new video for 'The Way Around Is Through.' The band is teaming with Loudwire to exclusively bring you the new clip in the player above.

The video is a mix of live performance and striking desert landscapes, signifying the band starting their journey into new terrain. For the performance portion, the spotlight shines bright on new frontman Chris Shinn, allowing fans to get familiar with the singer, while his bandmates are more shadowy figures. While the vocalist has his own distinct sound, there is definitely something about 'The Way Around Is Through' that has a vibe that let's you know it's Live.

Drummer Chad Gracey tells Loudwire, "'The Way Around Is Through’ marks a fresh start for Live with new lead singer Chris Shinn. We are so happy to bring our music to the world again."

'The Way Around Is Through' is the lead single from Live's new album, 'The Turn.' The disc is due Oct. 28, but is currently available to pre-order via the band's PledgeMusic page. The band will hit the road shortly to support the album. Check out their upcoming dates here.

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