In Part 1 of our interview with Living Colour, the band spoke all about their experience on ShipRocked 2014 as well as the making of their classic album ‘Vivid,’ which recently celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary. They also talked about their musical roots in New York City and much more. In Part 2 (which you can watch above), the members discuss specific tracks on ‘Vivid’ at length and explain that each of the songs have a different story and personal meaning behind them.

The native New Yorkers of Living Colour also spoke about going to different parties in Brooklyn and explained that the musical melting pot that is New York is what influenced fusion in their music. As far as their new album goes, the band members didn't go into great detail. Bassist Doug Wimbish gracefully stated, “We hope that they listen with their ears and not their eyes” when it comes to fans checking out the band's forthcoming album. Check out Part 2 of our interview with Living Colour above.

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