Look out BabyMetal, here comes Ladybaby! Much like BabyMetal, Ladybaby features three members crossing the sounds of Japanese pop with heavy metal riffs. But a closer look reveals … hey, wait, does that middle girl have a beard and is significantly taller than her counterparts? Yes, it's true!

Ladybaby consists of teen girls Rie Kaneko and Rie Kuromiya with the group rounded out by an older cross dressing rough vocalist who goes by the name of Ladybeard. According to Forbes, the bearded rocker is an Australian who has been described as Japan's answer to Andrew W.K., while on his website, he describes himself as a "pro-wrestler, heavy metal vocalist, party rocker and 24-hour photo opportunity."

The group has started gaining popularity over the past week with the release of their song and video for "Nippon Manju," seen above. In the clip, you see Ladybeard matching with his female cohorts as they unleash their own brand of mayhem on the streets of Japan.

Speaking at GirlsWalker, Ladybeard revealed that he first wore his sister's school uniform to a costume party at the age of 14 and has loved the attention that wearing women's clothing has brought. In the time since, he's adapted the style for both performing live as a musician and for his stage costume while wrestling.

And speaking of those costumes, the band has the backing of a company called Clearstone, who are helping to fund the group in exchange for them wearing the costumes. You can purchase the costumes here.

While initially this may seem like a put on, this is really a thing! Keep an eye out for Ladybaby's full-length debut disc coming July 29.

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