Welcome to Episode 15 of the Loudwire Podcast! This time around, we’ve got legendary Bad Brains frontman H.R. and co-author of the new memoir Finding Joseph I, Howie Abrams.

H.R. has been suffering from serious health issues lately, namely a cluster headache disorder called SUNCT or “Suicide Syndrome.” The headaches have been so debilitating that H.R. chose to undergo brain surgery, the news of which he broke during this podcast taping. Thankfully, H.R. is doing well after his Feb. 21 operation, taking his philosophy of PMA (positive mental attitude) into the hospital with him.

Podcast hosts Graham Hartmann and Joe DiVita spoke to H.R. and Abrams at length about Finding Joseph I, which documents H.R.’s life story from his own viewpoint along with those of his friends, family, contemporaries and the musicians he influenced. We touched on the lighter moments along with the more controversial issues discussed in the book, like H.R.’s violent episode that got the Bad Brains kicked off a Beastie Boys tour.

H.R. speaks about his desire for music to be “free” in Finding Joseph I, calling music a gift from god rather than a commercial commodity. However, H.R. expanded on the concept of freedom in music in one of this podcast’s most memorable moments.

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