We’ve got an amazing Loudwire Podcast for your eager ears. In this episode, CEO of Eyellusion and Dio hologram creator, Jeff Pezzuti, discusses everything you want to know about the Ronnie James Dio hologram.

Ever since the Dio hologram debuted at Wacken 2016, the concept of Ronnie James Dio taking the stage posthumously has been debated nonstop. Just as many metalheads seem to oppose the idea as they do support it, but we’ll find out exactly how successful the hologram is later this year once it hits the road in Europe.

Jeff Pezzuti is a longtime Dio fan, having listened to the metal icon for decades, so he was a little taken back by the negative response. “When I see the detractors, I’m actually kind of surprised,” Pezzuti says. “Dio fans, to me, are the ones that really should embrace this and understand this is coming from a good place, this is not coming from a corporate place.”

Pezzuti revealed in this podcast that he expects the hologram to make its North America debut in summer 2018. Furthermore, he told us exactly which songs Eyellusion has programmed the Dio hologram to perform live. From Dio’s time with Black Sabbath, the hologram will perform “Neon Knights.” For Ronnie’s Rainbow years, “Man on the Silver Mountain” will be featured.

As for the legendary Dio band, the Ronnie James Dio hologram will jam “Last in Line,” “Holy Diver,” “King of Rock and Roll,” “Rainbow in the Dark” and “We Rock.” Dio Disciples will perform additional classics during the full show with vocalists Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens and Oni Logan singing when the hologram isn’t in use.

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