Loudwire Radio: Station List


Loudwire Radio is a two-hour syndicated show hosted by Mike "Sandman" Sanders. Loudwire Radio counts down the Top 20 hard rock songs of the week and can be heard by tuning in to the following radio stations on the days and times listed below. Click on any link to start listening to the respective station:

KFMX (Lubbock, Texas) -- Saturday @ 10am CT [LISTEN ONLINE]
KRNK (Casper, Wyo.) -- Saturday @ 8am MT [LISTEN ONLINE]
KLAQ (El Paso, Texas) -- Sunday @ 8pm MT [LISTEN ONLINE]
KZRV (St. Cloud, Minn.) -- Sunday @ 9pm CT [LISTEN ONLINE]
KEYJ (Abilene, Texas) -- Saturday @ Noon CT [LISTEN ONLINE]
WGBF (Evansville, Ind.) -- Saturday @ 8pm CT [LISTEN ONLINE]
WQBK (Albany, N.Y.) -- Sunday @ 8pm ET [LISTEN ONLINE]
WIXO (Peoria, Ill.) -- Saturday @ 8pm CT [LISTEN ONLINE]
WGRD (Grand Rapids, Mich.) -- Sunday @ 7pm ET [LISTEN ONLINE]
KBAZ (Missoula, Mont.) -- Sunday @ 6pm MT [LISTEN ONLINE]
KXRX (Tri-Cities, Wash.) -- Sunday @ 6am PT [LISTEN ONLINE]
WWBN (Flint, Mich) -- Sunday @ 8am ET [LISTEN ONLINE]
KZCD (Lawton, Okla.) -- Sunday @ 5pm CT [LISTEN ONLINE]
KBZS (Wichita Falls, Texas) -- Sunday @ 9pm CT [LISTEN ONLINE]
KATS (Yakima, Wash.) -- Sunday @ 7pm PT [LISTEN ONLINE]
KTUX (Shreveport, La.) -- Sunday @ 6pm CT [LISTEN ONLINE]