Marilyn Manson has worn many hats, from "The God of F–k" to the "Pale Emperor." Both as a person and as a band, there's been a great narrative arch in style shift. The early days of "Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids" told the story of a bunch of pissed off weird kids from Florida who wanted to play punk rock with a little more in the way of artistic lean and social commentary. The political commentary stuck around and became essential to his work, with his most recent disc, Pale Emperor, adding a sense of wisdom to his observation.

Here, we're looking at Manson's entire discography and ranking it from weakest to strongest. In a career spanning multiple records and decades, a variety of members and producers would leave their mark on the band, including John 5, Trent Reznor, Tim Skold, Twiggy Ramirez and more. It took the band in a variety of directions, from pulsing industrial metal to goth-infused country rock, at varying levels of success.

Check out our gallery below and see how we rank Marilyn Manson's albums.

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