Marilyn Manson has added a scene with John Malkovich to his acting resume, appearing in an episode of HBO’s The New Pope. In the cameo, Manson mistakes one Pope for another and suggests Malkovich’s character visit his predecessor, who is in a coma.

The New Pope is in its first season, premiering as a continuation of The Young Pope, which aired in 2016. Jude Law reprises his role as Pope Pius XIII, while Malkovich plays Pope John Paul III.

Seeing Manson meeting with the Pope is extremely satisfying, especially considering the Antichrist Superstar’s decades-long clash with Christianity and organized religion as a whole. The musician brings John Paul III a painting as a gift, confusing him with Pius XIII.

“Please forgive me, holy father,” Manson pleads. “You’ve gotta understand, I’ve been in the studio holed up for months and I don’t really keep track of the news, so…” The scene is a quiet one, giving viewers plenty of time to sit and enjoy the imperfect union of characters.

Watch Marilyn Manson’s full scene with John Malkovich below. The New Pope airs every Monday at 9PM local time on HBO and can also be streamed on-demand via Hulu.

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