Mashups, at this point, represent a substantial slice of the new music that emerges each week. Wild to think about, right?

Still, listeners may not consider the creations in the same sphere as new original compositions, even if they are in seemingly equal abundance.

Do you ever listen to mashups, the audio endeavors that, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, are recordings made by "digitally combining and synchronizing instrumental tracks with vocal tracks from two or more different songs"? If so, what kind of mashups do you prefer?

Because, especially when it comes to mashups based on rock and metal, there are many entertainingly baffling ones out there. And, often, the mashups that draw the most attention combine a rock band's song with some strikingly different selection, such as a sugary pop tune.

If you're an avid Loudwire reader, you've probably seen some of those mashups on this very site. Whether it's a fusion of Slipknot and Spice Girls, Tool and Justin Bieber, or — a more outré pairing — System of a Down and Beethoven, we're always on the lookout for bracing mashups.

But what mashups of rock and metal are the most bewildering, the most jarring? What are the ones that will make you stand up and pay attention if you heard one playing in the background?

For easy access, we wanted to put them all in one place. So, here you go, the 30 most perplexing — but ultimately enjoyable — rock and metal mashups that we can find. Scroll and enjoy.

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