After teasing a new album earlier this week, progressive metal icons Mastodon have officially announced Hushed and Grim, a double album that will be released on Oct. 29. Offering up a sliver of the nearly 90-minute record, the band has debuted a music video for the first single, "Pushing the Tides."

The three-and-a-half-minute, whiplash-inducing track is the most aggressive Mastodon have been in a while, all while remaining impossibly catchy and dynamic. Traces of the band's ever-evolving sound over the last two decades can be found within "Pushing the Tides" — dissonant metallic hardcore, psychedelic overtones, technical drumming, beefy rhythms, soaring chord progressions and sublime vocal tradeoffs.

Watch the "Pushing the Tides" music video near the bottom of the page and read the lyrics for the new song below as well.

Hushed and Grim, Mastodon's ninth album which bears 15 tracks totals 84 minutes, is the band's first record since issuing Emperor of Sand in 2017, though the band has kept busy with specialty releases during that four-year gap. The Cold Dark Place EP was released later in 2017, followed by "Stairway to Nick John," a 2019 Led Zeppelin cover dedicated to their late manager. The Medium Rarities compilation came last year and the band also contributed "Forged by Neron" to the Dark Nights: Death Metal comic book soundtrack earlier this year.

View the Hushed and Grim album art and track listing beneath the "Pushing the Tides" music video and pre-order your copy (released through Reprise Records), here.

Mastodon, "Pushing the Tides" Lyrics

I think I'm ready to start
I thought I heard you scream
We're all part of this fucked up devastation

Always spinning the wheels
A greater vision in sight
It's not failure if you're trying

Another prick of a thorn
The body reaches deep
As I choke the situation
Seeming clever and wise
Clouded beyond the dark cells
I know not what drips inside me

Pushing the tides
Trying not to go down and taken under
Pushing the tides
Try to keep my head above the water

You try untying the weight
And you continue to breathe
I remove you for protection
And where to go from here
A place you value the most
Such a brilliant realization

Pushing the tides
Trying not to go down and taken under
Pushing the tides
Try to keep my head above the water
Pushing the tides
Leading us to prevail
And all we desire
Pushing the tides
With every ounce of strength I have

Mastodon, "Pushing the Tides" Music Video

Mastodon, Hushed and Grim Album Art + Track Listing

01. "Pain With An Anchor"
02. "The Crux"
03. "Sickle And Peace"
04. "More Than I Could Chew"
05. "The Beast"
06. "Skeleton Of Splendor"
07. "Teardrinker"
08. "Pushing The Tides"
09. "Peace And Tranquility"
10. "Dagger"
11. "Had It All"
12. "Savage Lands"
13. "Gobblers Of Dregs"
14. "Eyes Of Serpents"
15. "Gigantium"

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