Mastodon has released an intriguing video for "Clandestiny," which is featured on their latest album Emperor of Sand. The sci-fi animated clip features the destruction of an eerie dystopian planet and requires multiple views.

It tells the story of an aggressive "Emperor," who has artificial intelligence inplanted into colossal robots. These robots soon revolt, taking over and wrecking havoc on the planet. A huge twist at the end of the clip explains how the "Emperor" survives the coup.

The engaging retro video was directed by animator Ariel Costa, who goes by the moniker BlinkMyBrain. She has worked with Green Day, Linkin Park and Led Zeppelin in the past. Check out her work on her Vimeo page.

"Clandestiny"is a synth heavy song, featuring the band's signature progressive sound. The guitar work stands out with killer riffs highlighted by diminished and augmented chords, as well as energetic and complex harmonies.

Mastodon's drummer Brann Dailor and guitarist Bill Kelliher recently visited Washington D.C. to lend their support for the Music Modernization Act of 2018 (MMA). The bill will update how music rates are set and how songwriters and artists get paid.

The Atlanta rockers will kick off their tour with Primus on May 6 at the Red Rocks Amphitheater outside of Denver, Colo. Check out all their tour dates here.

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