Max Cavalera has enjoyed revisiting Sepultura's Roots album on tour with his brother Iggor over the past year, and he's apparently not done digging into his past. In a new video posting, Cavalera reveals that he's planning to play Nailbomb's Point Blank album in full as well.

"F--k yeah, Nailbomb, Point Blank ... one of my favorite records of all time," exclaims Cavalera in the video. "I'll be playing the whole album for you guys." While it won't be a Nailbomb reunion per se, Cavalera will enlist his band Soulfly to help revisit the disc. See his posting blow.

Nailbomb existed for one studio album, the aforementioned Point Blank, while later issuing a live album as well. Cavalera formed the group with English musician Alex Newport of Fudge Tunnel. The album also featured guest turns from Max's brother Iggor Cavalera, The Dead Kennedys' D.H. Peligro and Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares. Though the album didn't chart stateside, it has seen its cult status grow amongst metal fans over the years.

Dates for the run have yet to be revealed. At present, only a handful of shows are listed for Soulfly and it is not known if those shows will feature the return to Nailbomb's Point Break set up. Stay tuned here for details on all of the band's touring.

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