We've got more exclusive photos and live coverage of the 2012 Mayhem Festival. For the final date of the massive metal fest in Hartford, Conn., each band gave a little extra for the conclusion of the tour.

Despite the psychotic weather at the event, which ranged from blistering heat to buckets full of rain, the rabid Mayhem fans braved the bizarre conditions to watch their favorite acts play live. As Anthrax took the stage, the rain began to absolutely pummel the entire festival grounds, with showers that could almost be described as physically painful. Despite rain, mud and parking lot potholes filled with foul water, Anthrax pushed on and played a sick show.

As the headlining acts began to play in the semi-indoor amphitheater, the sheer number of people in attendance became incredibly clear. Both Motorhead and Slayer put on great performances, with Lemmy Kilmister's grimy voice resonating perfectly throughout the venue, and Slayer guitarist Kerry King put on a shred-show along with legendary Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, who has been filling in for Jeff Hanneman.

Slipknot headlining the tour over Slayer left some fans scratching their heads, but when the parasitic swarm took the stage, it became obvious that Slipknot were the correct choice. Boasting an incredible control and connection with the audience, the band blasted through a powerful set filled with fire, pyro and hate.

Check out our exclusive photos from the Aug. 5 Mayhem Festival date below:

The Devil Wears Prada:
As I Lay Dying: