In October, Mayhem bassist Necrobutcher admitted to Loudwire that he'd planned to kill the group's co-founder Euronymous himself before former member Varg Vikernes committed the act in 1993. Still, the musician felt "sick" watching the murder play out on-screen in last year's Lords of Chaos.

The Jonas Åkerlund film about the early-'90s Norwegian black metal scene debuted in the U.S. in February. In it, the killing canonized in metal lore gets a fictionalized account shown from Euronymous' viewpoint.

In an interview with KaaosTV (seen below), the bassist (whose real name is Jørn Stubberud) described his response to the film's portrayal that subsequently put him in a sullen mood. Necrobutcher first recalled Mayhem members' initial hesitation at their involvement in the film. However, the group ultimately decided to contribute after the bassist realized that using authentic Mayhem music "would make the movie a little bit more quality-worthy."

"Yeah. I dreaded it," Necrobutcher said of the gruesome murder scene. "It wasn't a good thing to be [watching]. Before I saw [it], Jonas had told me he studied autopsy reports on both killings, and he had reconstructed the killings stab-by-stab. Because you can read from the autopsy where the first stab was."

He continued, "Knowing that, when I saw that — and it was a slowed-down scene, it was really quick … they were drawn out a little bit — it made me sick to watch. I felt sick to my stomach when I watched that. Afterward, I felt completely empty inside and really down, and, like, 'Fuck.' It really hit me, actually. I didn't want to talk to anybody [for] the rest of that day, that's for sure."

These days, Mayhem, along with fellow black metal legends Abbath, are preparing a U.S. tour for 2020.

In Necrobutcher's October interview with Loudwire, the musician expanded on the band's self-mutilating ways.

Mayhem's Necrobutcher Talks to KaaosTV - Nov. 27, 2019

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