Tool are just a month away from releasing their extremely anticipated new album, but Maynard James Keenan remains hard at work with his other projects. In a new Instagram post, Keenan teases Puscifer’s next recorded work, which the band seems to be chipping away at.

Puscifer are the most prolific of Keenan’s three active bands, having released three full-length albums, five remix albums, two live albums and three EPs since 2007. The band’s seemingly never-ending stream of music suddenly halted after 2016’s Money Shot Your Re-Load, as Keenan shifted his attention to a reactivated A Perfect Circle and a long-fought battle to complete Tool’s fifth album.

Last night (July 24) the Puscifer Instagram account shared a short video of Maynard in the studio, accompanied by the hashtags #chippingaway and #puscifer2021, as well as hashtag mentions of bandmates Mat Mitchell and Carina Round.

Keenan first teased new Puscifer back in February 2018, so speed doesn’t seem to be a huge issue for the experimental act.

Tool’s yet-untitled new album will finally be revealed Aug. 30 after a 13-year dry spell from the band.

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