Thought you were the ultimate Machine Head fan? Unless you've covered more than 80 of the band's songs, it's time to think again! This mega fan rips through nearly every song the California groove hounds have ever written and all in under 10 minutes! What makes it even better is that he undergoes wardrobe changes to reflect Robb Flynn's look at the time each album was released. We told you it was time to think again!

Starting off with "Davidian" off Machine Head's first album, Burn My Eyes, YouTube user Paschalis Theotokis rips through bits of 79 more songs, bringing everything up to the present day, closing the impressive tribute out with the final song off the band's most recent release, 2014's Bloodstone and Diamonds.

The video itself is crafted with a bit more of a professional touch than most YouTube covers. Theotokis utilizes multiple camera angles to give off the feel of a performance, which is certainly backed by his impassioned efforts. He swings his guitar around a bit, screaming into the mic and snarling with wide eyes. Surrounded in a small room, he makes everything feel bigger, playing to a stadium in his head.

Machine Head are currently amidst a lengthy North American run that just kicked off Nov. 2 in California. Their tour will run through Dec. 19, circling back to the West Coast after traversing all throughout the continent. The shows are billed as "An Evening With Machine Head" which will see the band perform for over two hours each night. See the list of dates here.

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