Megadeth have just released their 15th studio album, Dystopia, today (Jan. 29) and the album's theme could not be more prevalent in the eyes of frontman Dave Mustaine. With another presidential election looming in the United States, the race has been heated thus far, more so with sensational headlines than substance and Mustaine has sounded off. The rocker asks where the real pioneers are, condemning corruption that coincides with greed and power.

Speaking about Dystopia, Mustaine told Billboard, "It's funny; if you know how to put current events into perspective, it'll be timely as well as timeless. I think that "The Threat is Real," "Post-American World," those are things that could have been sung about in the '60s and they could be sung about 10 years from now — if there is a world 10 years from now." Adding his own charm, the band leader quipped, "I mean, if the world is meant to heal itself, it's like in the Batman movie [The Dark Knight] where the guy said, 'This town needs an enema.' We need to have some real, real heavy-duty, fundamental changes with what's going on."

Reflecting on the current state of affairs and potential presidential candidates, Mustaine continued, "I've seen 10 presidents come and go during my lifetime and I can't help but ask myself if this is the best we've got." Discussing the triumphs of humanity, he added, "You think about some of the things people are capable of doing, the inventions they come up with and the things you see them do, like some of these Nobel Prize winners... I'm not talking about Obama. I'm talking about people who come up with cures for diseases and come up with incredible things that benefit mankind. Where are the people like that?"

"When people get a taste of greed and stuff, they lose sight of what's right," he remarked. Drawing a comparison, he expanded, "It's like a fighter: as soon as they go from being somebody who works out in a sweat lodge and practices to finally becoming the champ, the dollar signs get in the way and they lose perspective. The next thing you know, they're knocked out." Concluding his thoughts, the guitar great stated, "I think as long as the corruption is as rampant as it is right now and you have all the different factions, it's not gonna get any better."

Megadeth dove head-first into the futurist concept of Dystopia, going as far as creating special virtual reality videos for five of the album's songs. The thrash icons will be touring in support of their new record, teaming up with Suicidal Tendencies, Children of Bodom and Havok for a U.S. run. For a complete list of dates, visit our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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