Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has once again taken to his computer keyboard to share his beliefs with all who will listen. The subjects of Mustaine's many posts via social media platforms have been both diverse and controversial, and this time, Mustaine has been talking to his fans about "chemtrails."

The theory of chemtrails is a belief that our world is being sprayed with various chemicals via aircraft for unknown reasons. However, one theory is that these chemtrails are being used to affect our climate.

We've all seen the white trails that airplanes can leave behind while in-flight; these lines have been dubbed called "contrails" by aircraft specialists. It is universally agreed within the scientific community that contrails are most often made of water, triggered by the water vapor in the exhaust of an aircraft engine. Despite scientific consensus, there is still a contingent of people that believe these aircrafts are spraying chemicals such as aluminum oxide and barium salts into our atmosphere.

Mustaine addressed his chemtrails belief in a set of tweets on Jan. 5 and Jan. 6, respectively:

Mustaine also recently used his Twitter page to blast an CNN article posted on Jan. 4, detailing the Megadeth frontman's tiff with Men's Wearhouse. The CNN writer ended his piece by stating, "Mustaine still holds a grudge against the more successful Metallica." The shredder tweeted:

Do you think Mustaine's opinions on chemtrails have merit or are they based in an unfounded conspiracy theory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.