Megadeth were given a baptism of fire when the band took the stage at the 2012 Croatia Metalfest last night (June 5), as a rowdy group of fans began to throw beer at Megadeth. In addition to the beer bath, frontman Dave Mustaine was clocked in the head with a rock. The Croatian fans were reportedly mad at Megadeth because a rumor had spread throughout the audience that Megadeth were the reason why heavy metal band W.A.S.P. canceled their performance at the fest.

The Gauntlet was able to break the news after one of their readers sent the website an email describing the incident. "When Dave Mustaine came out with the rest of Megadeth, there was a group of possibly drunk and rowdy fans near the front," wrote the fan. "They kept throwing beer on stage towards Mustaine but security put a stop to it. Then all of the sudden a rock came from their general direction and hit Dave in the head."

The email continued, "There was some talk about Megadeth being the reason W.A.S.P. didn't perform earlier in the night."

When it comes to reasons for casting the first stone at Dave Mustaine, this rumor about W.A.S.P. has got to be the most random. Mustaine has angered fans in the past by coming out against gay marriage, claiming that he knows President Obama "was born somewhere else than America," and telling starving African women to "put a plug in it," but this W.A.S.P. rumor seems to be the least stone-worthy piece of motivation out of them all.

Megadeth are currently finishing up their extensive European leg of their 'TH1RT3EN' world tour.