Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine dropped more controversial quotes during a recent interview with LA Weekly. Having already gained attention from supporting Presidential candidate Rick Santorum, rebuking his support and speaking out against gay marriage, Mustaine now goes into his religious beliefs and how starving women in Africa shouldn't be having kids.

Mustaine explained a biblical prophecy to LA Weekly. "Even if you don't believe in God and you don't believe in faith, you've got to understand, when Israel became a country again, that was a prophecy in the Bible that came true, and the Bible was written so many hundreds of years ago," says Mustaine. Also, any of the stuff that it says in there about the end times -- that stuff's really happening right now. Look what's happening over in the Middle East. It's crazy."

The Megadeth frontman also took some time to talk about his son Justis, but turned the conversation into a discussion about starving African women, stating that they should "put a plug in it" in regards to sex.

"There's so many houses without a dad that it's just terrible," says Mustaine. "I mean, you know how they used to say there should be a license to have a baby? Well, as far-fetched as that sounds, I really think that, if the parents aren't going to stick together, they shouldn't make that kind of commitment to life. I watch some of these shows from over in Africa, and you've got starving women with six kids. Well, how about, you know, put a plug in it? It's like, you shouldn't be having children if you can't feed them."

We want to know what you think of the recent, more outspoken Dave Mustaine. From politics, to gay marriage, to religion and African women. Should Mustaine continue to voice his opinions in public forums? Or should he be the one who "puts a plug in it?"