Megadeth Public Enemy No. 1

Megadeth are one of the few metal bands who have gone on to achieve almost unparalleled success with both mainstream and underground audiences. A member of the legendary 'Big 4,' Megadeth have sold over 30 million albums around the world - five of those albums attaining platinum and multiplatinum status.

With 12 albums already released in nearly 30 years of active songwriting and multiple world tours playing to millions of rabid fans, one can't help but wonder if Megadeth are still able to plant their flag in any new ground.

'TH1RT3EN' is the title of Megadeth's 13th studio album. With a Nov. 1 release date, fans won't be hearing the majority of the new material for some time. Luckily, the band has released (and performed live) the first single from 'TH1RT3EN,' titled 'Public Enemy No. 1.'

Megadeth have always known their sound -- aggressive thrash and blistering guitar work with somewhat clean vocals in Dave Mustaine's trademark style. 'Public Enemy No. 1' stays true to that formula and makes for an interesting listen. Megadeth, however, aren't treading any new ground with 'Public Enemy No. 1.' The song gives us a solid rhythm section that will be sure to keep Megadeth fans banging their heads, with guitarist Chris Broderick dishing out solos mixing thrash with neo-classical influence.

While the song's lyrics aren't groundbreaking by any means, the fact they are written from the perspective of a high-profile criminal offers an interesting twist: "Public enemy number one / Stole a car and I'm on the run / Moving on to the rising sun / And the trouble has just begun."

After 30 years of making music, there are very few bands who are able to keep up with the constant evolution of metal. At this point, Megadeth fans shouldn't be expecting another 'Rust in Peace.' It should simply be about enjoying Megadeth's new material without over-analyzing it. Invite your friends over, turn your speakers up and bang your head to 'Public Enemy No. 1.'

Listen to Megadeth, 'Public Enemy No. 1'